Chef Esteban Antoine

The Chef

Chef Esteban Antoine


Originally from Chicago IL, Esteban has lived in Los Angeles for 5 years. He relocated to LA to pursue his culinary dream of being a Chef/Owner of his own catering company where he could share his passion of food. Chef Esteban has a diverse culinary knowledge from over 20 years of kitchen experience. 

His love affair with food began at an early age. His father was in the army and being a military brat he was able to live abroad in Europe as a child and was exposed to many different cultures and foods. Chef Esteban attended The Art Institutes of Chicago for Culinary Arts and also Washburn Culinary on the south side of Chicago. 

Chef Esteban and worked as Kitchen Supervisor at the LA Coliseum, and Culinary Specialist at the University of Southern California International residential dinning hall. He has been the Head Chef at a French Wine bar and Restaurant in Beverly Hills. All of this experience adds a knowledge of technique and ingredients that make his food exciting and diverse. Book him today for a wonderful culinary experience.